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My Thoughts and I…

Posted in Uncategorized on July 16, 2010 by mrwil

Ever have that feeling whilst (tip O’ the hat to “The Bard”) you’re attempting a VERY simple, wake-up-to-greet-the-world (usually quite SLOWLY for me) ease into the day embarkment, and then suddenly … at just half past first cup, your thoughts jump in with overwhelming zeal, trying to take you by surprise? I’m talking an overwhelming onslaught here. NOT pretty at all, especially considering THEY KNOW I’m at my most vernerable…

Not only that, but each thought…like little independent despotic demons on parade (Let’s not get into WHERE)…vie with each other for prominence in capturing your first real attention/consideration. ***For you simple minded folk: aka “Teabaggers” “Boganites” or otherwise redneck purveyors of minimal (at best) intellect…Just look the other way – &/OR pray..a lot….not that it will do any good, but WILL serve to keep you occupied as I continue*** Anyway…back to those thoughts – not the lack thereof – and my personal dilemma.

Hey, I never said my Blog would be “Pretty” and in fact, there was/is ample evidence/warning in my last entry = “Guilt & Rambling” ….Yes, a shameless plug to edify my ego, yet hopefully – steer those that are “Mr.Wil Blogville” virgins and have continued to read thus far… to take a break … read & come back HERE…I’ll wait for you. (I’m SUCH a nice Bastard when I want to be.{ : >)

OK … time’s UP!… I don’t want the already initiated losing interest (you sick people – whom I love for same.)

I think my point is, do I need – or perhaps more accurately, CAN I – initiate a “thought by number” early warning system? You know…like at the local pharmacy ( or “chemist” for the commonwealthers). **Note to self: Call in prescriptions ASAP**………… NEXT !

My intial thought, (Yes, I DO control some, though THEY seem to be of the late afternoon – at best – variety) is one of what to do with voluntary vs. involuntary impulse? IE; Breathing / Heartbeat are involuntary (Gawd Bless ‘em I might forget !) vs. Flexing a bicep, winking…or use of my tongue…Totally voluntary ( & I volunteer with some of my parts far more – some might witness “Better”, than others…. Read that however you wish.)

I mean, WHY can’t I spank the living daylights – *Note time frame* – out of these involuntary thought usurpers & make them beg for forgiveness? (I heard that knowing laugh!)…make each and every one scatter like the French seeing a German helmet on the horizon? (Too far?…or not long enough?)….Again, I digress…

Not REALLY looking for answers…I know there are none. But, as the yumsy-doodle, sunshine & lollipop crowd says, “Sharing is caring”

Oh…gotta go…the interns are telling me its time for my fruit cup.