Guilt & Rambling

As a premise, lets begin with the actual point of this entry = I’m a LOUSY (lazy?) Blogger. Ya – that’s right…I’ve somehow {Note how I shirk responsibility} acquired a Twitter state of mind that demands – “I want the gist & ONLY the gist & I WANT IT NOW !!! Kinda like a USA Today (**That’s a POPular American newspaper…like a “Reader’s Digest” form of News, etc. for you Ozzies & “Outlanders”**.)

Ahhh…..but I digress. – Which is actually a fancy way of saying I’m getting off track and want to get back to the point I began with? – ANYWAY…speaking of Ozzies & Outlanders…One Ozzie in particular has been writing some extremely entertaining Blog entries over the last several months, tickling my titillation ( OH just go look it up – I don’t have the time.) which has quietly challenged me to put something new in here. I mean I have a damn Blog & am apparently allowing it to go to seed – so to speak. THERE, my guilt is officially sated,….now off we go, and to quote Bette Davis, “Put on your seatbelts…its going to be a bumpy ride”.

Now here’s the tough part. My friend’s Blog reflects recurrent themes of Boobs, Wine, Kids (her own), self realization/compartmentalization & humo(u)rous abandon. She’s so damn OPEN, I could drive a Mack truck through – no problem. (HEY! That’s a serious, heartfelt compliment – getcho mind outa da gutter!) She is also Libran, while I am Sun-Sign Virgo….you know, nit-picky, close to the vest, stogy…all that crap. Plus, I am male…Love Boobs – but mostly just have nice memories – SIGH….OK, we totally agree on the Wine & that means LOTS of it, whenever possible. Gawd’s greatest creation was the Grape. OK? – Just Sayin…….Kids – never had any ( & despise the little monsters on my block always putting a BIG dent in my wine-fueled, open 3rd floor window-rose colored glasses outlook on the world, anytime day/night, basically single fella, peace oriented autonomy OR, grocery store nirvana ( Where I also buy my wine ). SEE how complicated this gets?!…….Moving on to the other lack of parallel – You’re not getting that self depreciating-with-a-smile shit outa ME…especially in an open public forum! I save that kinda stuff for when I’m totally drunk at the bar w/ CLOSE friends ( or Skype – depending ). Use your imagination… what the hell – hep yo’sef !

So, NOW WHAT? ( or maybe I’m just subliminally wanting to have the Guinness Book of World Records Title for longest Blog opening-without really saying anything. OK…I’m actually good with that…so sue me.) **I’m also realizing that a full 1/3 of my vague rant thus far has been spent in soliloquy, so, who the hell do (*I) think I’m actually talking TO?….I warned you it gets complicated. Turn away or you may turn to salt. – again, Just Sayin – pick your poison.

If you haven’t left yet…you’re 1 of 2 kinds of people, EITHER> 1.) You don’t JUST “rubberneck” when coming across a bad car accident, you pull over & pretend you work for the local News – WITH a camera & make up some kinda media savvy nam-de-plume for yourself, to get real close in…..OR, 2.) You’re just my kind of twisted sumobitch &…with that special realization (Again the tie-in for you super note taking folks) I think I’d enjoy saying, “Let’s go to the bar – NOW! Don’t pass go & here’s your get out of jail FREE card. …SURE you can buy the first round – No Problemo! (& NO Kids allowed.) Maybe even sing some Karaoke after I can’t make out a damn thing other than the swirling lights. Come to think of it, I LOVE swirling lights…been “there” so often it brings me comfort. Speaking of “Comfort”…sure, I’ll have another shot before I go on. Janis Joplin is smiling down on me…I can feel it.


Will somebody please call me a cab?

29 Responses to “Guilt & Rambling”

  1. Anne Sagebiel Says:

    Hmmm… Good Job!

    (-; {-; [-;

  2. Wil Ian LePaz, you are one funny sonofabitch! I’m not sure whether to pour you a drink or send you a meeting list. Either way, don’t wait so long between rants. Ever since Dennis Miller went over to the dark side there hasn’t been a decent ranter in my radar – until now!

  3. You’re interesting, which is more than most bloggers accomplish.

  4. Will – this made my day.. I’ll meet you at the bar and buy you a glass of wine…I’m your kind of twisted sumobitch – and thst’s why we are friends 🙂

  5. Tina L Davidson Says:

    From one craZzy sumobitch to another one, Kudos to you & pass the bottle please…Oh, got any *Xanax to go with it? LOL…btw, Love the *references. ;*)

  6. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by Jemfyr: To you, my fav chef~ RT @_SDO: : / :)…

  7. Well… I AGREE! I feel the same way about the spawn that people keep hatching; I’m a bit of a lazy blogger, too; and quite frankly, I’m blogging for ME & My purposes for the benefit of those who want to venture into My Domain.

    So, darling, kudos to you! And all that Jazz! (Our little inside nuance…)

    Kisses & slaps,
    Mss. Didi*

  8. Hello fellow sumobitch!
    Great job! I loved how you went on and on without saying anything! You made me laugh and smile….and for that I thank you. *abrazo!

  9. Where the hell do I start Wil?? You had me in stitches and loved your comparisons with your ozzie mate. She sounds like one interesting blogger LMFAO
    Seriously, am honoured, flattered, a little embarrassed, touched and impressed that I may have inspired you to blab, I mean blog. And don’t worry, you will blab occasionally, you won’t be able to help yourself… happens to the best of us 😉

  10. sumobitch is my middle name, just over here we spell it edward, minor details. keep boozin’ and never losin’ dude.

  11. I want to thank all of those who commented above. You have indeed made my week! CHEERS

  12. Love this Will! I’ll share it later when I’m back online. (((HUGS)))

  13. {{scratching my head}} LOL! Time for that shot of Crown Royal 🙂

  14. LOL, love it in my Aussie Black Opal wine soaked state! Where’s my recipe for pumpkin soup or was that title for the previous post? Wait, I’ll see…anyway, I told you I was wine soaked!

  15. Pumkin soup eh .. do ya feel better now you got it all out.. interesting post i might add.. well written even with out a theme of sorts to say lol

  16. You can keep the Karaoke, but pass the bottle over here!

    I’m a lazy blogger too. I don’t even have all that much interesting to say on Facebook or Twitter!

  17. Well, I guess I’m your “kind of twisted sumobitch” too. Definitely stick with this style. It’s you and it works.

  18. MORE big Thanks ! I really appreciate the feedback.

  19. PS…Re” Pumpkin Soup “….YES, its a previous entry. 3 other so far actually. Check them out too!

  20. Umm……I never thought I could be topped in long rambling sentences. Leave it to a guy in a bar. LOL Glad to see you post again. Now I’m inspired to do the same.

  21. Nice job. Makes me feel like I still drink. We would get in a lot of trouble if we did drink together. I used to love that kind of trouble and I still reminisce.

  22. Well, my Virgo friend…. (this is your Piscean friend)…. it was a big deal that I did read all the way through your post as it is first thing in the morning for me and I’ve not yet had my coffee… so I’m that kind of a person (or friend). I love your dry earthy wit, and you’ve expressed yourself through that vehicle. “Pumpkin Soup” title is curious… but I’m a curious kitty so cheers to you and your blog. Thanks for sharing it with me. **I gotta go get my coffee NOW!** xo!

  23. Blondetxgoddess amy Says:

    OMG, you are just as random & warped as me. Love it! Send me more 😉
    Keep em coming love!

  24. xSilkiex Says:

    aww you took me on a journey. In a CIRCLE but a journey none the less and a very enjoyable one at that! You simply crack me up!

  25. I have thoroughly examined every detail, outlined and studied every property, tested every synapse of transcendental variable possible, and I’ve come to the conclusion, based upon the story, that…

    I like it! I weally weally like it! 😀

  26. cahootser Says:

    Okay, you’re a cab.

    Eri_Z from

  27. charles olimpio Says:

    I am a Twitter follower under name of borncurious, guess some people didnt like what I was tweeting (exreme lib sentiments) because yesterday at 2:30 pm they hacked my account. Have been locked out of twitter for a8 hrs and cannot even get in touch with them thru their normal channels i.e. reset passwod ect because the hackers have blocked every route to twitter on my PC
    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
    charles Olimpio

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