Humble 24 pt. Opener…

Just The (Personal) Facts Maam….

1) EVIDENTLY, Testing concludes my personality is a bit rare. (INTP – , imaginative, relaxed and brilliant. Only about 4% of all people have {my} personality, including 2% of all women and 6% of all men.)

2) I am thankful to have seemingly lived several very different & high profile “lives” within this ONE.

3) I miss the “counter-culture” brother & sisterhood that existed during my youth.

4) I’m at my BEST with either my back against the wall OR in the spotlight.

5) I’m an “all or nothing” kinda guy.

6) I relish a meeting of the minds…& would MUCH rather have a heated discussion with an intelligent person of opposite thinking, than listen to acquaintances prattle on about nothing at all.

7) I LOVE the art of cooking…& the only reason I’ve never been a working chef is that in doing so, I know all the love I put into the careful preparation would diminish or be RUSHED away completely.

8.) New Years Eve is my favorite holiday.

9) About the ONLY things I watch on T.V. these days are: Sports, The History (TLC, etc.) Channel, TMC, CNN & MSNBC

10) When I mention that I enjoy Wine….You know this list is NOT prioritized!

11) I enjoyed a radio broadcasting career, including; My weekly Jazz radio program ( A Jazz Pause with LePaz), Emcee-ing the Peacock Jazz Festival w/ estimated attendance> 12,000 people & being the “News Voice” of KONC, then one of the top ten commercial classical stations in the U.S.

12) I am cursed with my Mother’s family genetic (Look at a donut/gain 10 lbs).

13) *I sometimes hear the whispers*……Hedonist?…Why, YES. Thanks for playing. I’ll begin tutoring on those advanced lessons soon….

14) I enjoy visiting the snow….I highly prefer it does NOT visit me!

15) My favorite number/color/celebrity is….Guess!….oh c’mon…..

16) I have been unusually/highly self reflective lately…& I feel like thats not going away anytime soon

17) I may appear to some as being a “tough guy”, but unashamedly prefer Cats as pets. SO ?!

18) I am the *UPDATE* Engaged, Brother of 3 beautiful younger sisters, Uncle of 7 lovely neices & 1 chip off the old shoulder nephew, as well as Grand Uncle of 3 ………& counting.

19) I love the trend toward HOT Looking / Performance Oriented / Eco-Friendly cars. = Santa, I WANT A TESLA “S” !!!

20) I am seriously in favor of whatever GREEN SHIFT it takes to save our planet for my sister’s > & all the > kids of the world. ………And THAT, my friends isn’t “tree hugging” BS !

21) I’d love to Travel more.

22) The lottery is playing a VERY brutal game of hide & seek with me.

23) I love my west view deck and the wildlife reserve directly behind it.

24) More than ANYTHING… I’m looking forward to the challenge of combining my gifts & business experience with new horizons….

Drop on by…& we can talk about any or all of the above, while we have some nice wine & BBQ on my deck………OR, just leave me a note here on the blog if you like.



13 Responses to “Humble 24 pt. Opener…”

  1. Now THIS is an interesting blog, & u might think your gettin old ain’t pretty, but 2 me it looks like you’re beating the alternative quite nicely. And that bar-b-q doesn’t look 2 bad either.

    Actually, grand job here imho, & delightful 2 get 2 know u. I too have had many adventures in my past, like managing a radio station among other fun things, but guess when 1 does live long enuf, there is more time 4 multiple experiences. Challenge with coming of ‘age’ is not 2 let that diminish, & at the same time, finding the quality amongst whatever opportunities present themselves.

    Sounds like ur doing a pretty good job of that too. Cats also help, especially if one can master the issue of fur balls & missed litter boxes not being 2 much of a distraction.

    Anyway, charmed, pleasure all mine. Look 4ward to your next post & more of the story. Should be very interesting. 🙂

    Keep Smiling!
    Robbyn AKA redrobinrockn

  2. I twittered about being an INTP just the other day. I think there need to be more of us. 🙂

    I’m not going to pick on you about spelling, but…When your cat tells you he can type, don’t believe him.

    Nice to meet you here & on twitter. 🙂

  3. That sounds like 25 reasons to like you. Except for the cats. WTF is up with the cats, dude?


  4. Sum RIcHick Says:

    Awesome 🙂

  5. Hello Will,

    I particularly like number 16 – “highly reflective of yourself… and not going away any soon…” one on your menu here as an entree – just kidding of course. I think that alone encompassing you as a whole. It takes a real manly gentleman to be able to express in such concised manner.

    Next on the menu is what on you grill: Ooooh! yum yum – portabella mushrooms, zuchini and the largest piece of steak meat you have on there. And how would I like my steak? Between rare and medium rare please. Thank you very much! =)

    Joke aside, I would like to thank you very for signing in to my Splendor: Tiny things in life that I know when a future robot carrying me around instead of sitting in a wheel chair. These are the ones that would fill my heart with.

    Again, I am pleased that the 21st century technology has given us an opportunity for our paths cross. And I am grateful and honored to be your friend.

    Cheers to our friendship
    Remy =)

  6. Well I was loving it all until I got to the cats thing, and I have to agree with Mr. Wolfrum- WTF? Dog is God backwards. Just sayin’…….

    I knew I liked your taste in music & intelligence. Also, I love a man who comes to listen to my shows. But…..isn’t it time to write another blog? Even I did! Third one in 10 months! I’m so proud!

    See you in the Twitterverse, my friend. Nice tweeting and “meeting” you.

  7. Tina L Davidson Says:

    Poignant…I’m glad our parallel worlds collided…need I say more….

  8. Anne Sagebiel Says:


  9. I like your #20…mother earth badly needs concerned people like you.

  10. you are a true dickhead. what an asshole you are

    • Hey “pete”…I’m going to leave your comment up, because I think it says a whole lot more about you than I – LMAO!

  11. Terrific stuff! And What a yummy blog!

  12. Thanks Wil for giving me a chance to spend a little extra time with you. I really enjoyed myself. You’re a great host and I hope you invite me again ! xoxo Y

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