My Thoughts and I…

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Ever have that feeling whilst (tip O’ the hat to “The Bard”) you’re attempting a VERY simple, wake-up-to-greet-the-world (usually quite SLOWLY for me) ease into the day embarkment, and then suddenly … at just half past first cup, your thoughts jump in with overwhelming zeal, trying to take you by surprise? I’m talking an overwhelming onslaught here. NOT pretty at all, especially considering THEY KNOW I’m at my most vernerable…

Not only that, but each thought…like little independent despotic demons on parade (Let’s not get into WHERE)…vie with each other for prominence in capturing your first real attention/consideration. ***For you simple minded folk: aka “Teabaggers” “Boganites” or otherwise redneck purveyors of minimal (at best) intellect…Just look the other way – &/OR pray..a lot….not that it will do any good, but WILL serve to keep you occupied as I continue*** Anyway…back to those thoughts – not the lack thereof – and my personal dilemma.

Hey, I never said my Blog would be “Pretty” and in fact, there was/is ample evidence/warning in my last entry = “Guilt & Rambling” ….Yes, a shameless plug to edify my ego, yet hopefully – steer those that are “Mr.Wil Blogville” virgins and have continued to read thus far… to take a break … read & come back HERE…I’ll wait for you. (I’m SUCH a nice Bastard when I want to be.{ : >)

OK … time’s UP!… I don’t want the already initiated losing interest (you sick people – whom I love for same.)

I think my point is, do I need – or perhaps more accurately, CAN I – initiate a “thought by number” early warning system? You know…like at the local pharmacy ( or “chemist” for the commonwealthers). **Note to self: Call in prescriptions ASAP**………… NEXT !

My intial thought, (Yes, I DO control some, though THEY seem to be of the late afternoon – at best – variety) is one of what to do with voluntary vs. involuntary impulse? IE; Breathing / Heartbeat are involuntary (Gawd Bless ‘em I might forget !) vs. Flexing a bicep, winking…or use of my tongue…Totally voluntary ( & I volunteer with some of my parts far more – some might witness “Better”, than others…. Read that however you wish.)

I mean, WHY can’t I spank the living daylights – *Note time frame* – out of these involuntary thought usurpers & make them beg for forgiveness? (I heard that knowing laugh!)…make each and every one scatter like the French seeing a German helmet on the horizon? (Too far?…or not long enough?)….Again, I digress…

Not REALLY looking for answers…I know there are none. But, as the yumsy-doodle, sunshine & lollipop crowd says, “Sharing is caring”

Oh…gotta go…the interns are telling me its time for my fruit cup.


Guilt & Rambling

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As a premise, lets begin with the actual point of this entry = I’m a LOUSY (lazy?) Blogger. Ya – that’s right…I’ve somehow {Note how I shirk responsibility} acquired a Twitter state of mind that demands – “I want the gist & ONLY the gist & I WANT IT NOW !!! Kinda like a USA Today (**That’s a POPular American newspaper…like a “Reader’s Digest” form of News, etc. for you Ozzies & “Outlanders”**.)

Ahhh…..but I digress. – Which is actually a fancy way of saying I’m getting off track and want to get back to the point I began with? – ANYWAY…speaking of Ozzies & Outlanders…One Ozzie in particular has been writing some extremely entertaining Blog entries over the last several months, tickling my titillation ( OH just go look it up – I don’t have the time.) which has quietly challenged me to put something new in here. I mean I have a damn Blog & am apparently allowing it to go to seed – so to speak. THERE, my guilt is officially sated,….now off we go, and to quote Bette Davis, “Put on your seatbelts…its going to be a bumpy ride”.

Now here’s the tough part. My friend’s Blog reflects recurrent themes of Boobs, Wine, Kids (her own), self realization/compartmentalization & humo(u)rous abandon. She’s so damn OPEN, I could drive a Mack truck through – no problem. (HEY! That’s a serious, heartfelt compliment – getcho mind outa da gutter!) She is also Libran, while I am Sun-Sign Virgo….you know, nit-picky, close to the vest, stogy…all that crap. Plus, I am male…Love Boobs – but mostly just have nice memories – SIGH….OK, we totally agree on the Wine & that means LOTS of it, whenever possible. Gawd’s greatest creation was the Grape. OK? – Just Sayin…….Kids – never had any ( & despise the little monsters on my block always putting a BIG dent in my wine-fueled, open 3rd floor window-rose colored glasses outlook on the world, anytime day/night, basically single fella, peace oriented autonomy OR, grocery store nirvana ( Where I also buy my wine ). SEE how complicated this gets?!…….Moving on to the other lack of parallel – You’re not getting that self depreciating-with-a-smile shit outa ME…especially in an open public forum! I save that kinda stuff for when I’m totally drunk at the bar w/ CLOSE friends ( or Skype – depending ). Use your imagination… what the hell – hep yo’sef !

So, NOW WHAT? ( or maybe I’m just subliminally wanting to have the Guinness Book of World Records Title for longest Blog opening-without really saying anything. OK…I’m actually good with that…so sue me.) **I’m also realizing that a full 1/3 of my vague rant thus far has been spent in soliloquy, so, who the hell do (*I) think I’m actually talking TO?….I warned you it gets complicated. Turn away or you may turn to salt. – again, Just Sayin – pick your poison.

If you haven’t left yet…you’re 1 of 2 kinds of people, EITHER> 1.) You don’t JUST “rubberneck” when coming across a bad car accident, you pull over & pretend you work for the local News – WITH a camera & make up some kinda media savvy nam-de-plume for yourself, to get real close in…..OR, 2.) You’re just my kind of twisted sumobitch &…with that special realization (Again the tie-in for you super note taking folks) I think I’d enjoy saying, “Let’s go to the bar – NOW! Don’t pass go & here’s your get out of jail FREE card. …SURE you can buy the first round – No Problemo! (& NO Kids allowed.) Maybe even sing some Karaoke after I can’t make out a damn thing other than the swirling lights. Come to think of it, I LOVE swirling lights…been “there” so often it brings me comfort. Speaking of “Comfort”…sure, I’ll have another shot before I go on. Janis Joplin is smiling down on me…I can feel it.


Will somebody please call me a cab?

Seasonal Pumpkin Soup

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Pumpkin Soup

**Other, similar ground-vine veg. (such as Japanese Ueki Squash) may also be used as an alternate.

1 Medium Pumpkin (make sure the outside appearance is unblemished, stands evenly (vertical) by itself & has a nice stem)
1 Large Spanish (yellow) Onion – peeled/Diced
1 Turnip (equal to size of Onion) – peeled/Diced
2 quarts Chicken stock
¼ tsp. allspice
¼ tsp. Ground Cumin
I pint heavy cream
½ stick unsalted butter
Fresh wedge Romano Cheese / hand grater
Sea Salt
Fresh ground pepper

*Fresh French Bread (optional)

Open the pumpkin at the top as you would for a Halloween Jack-O-Lantern, creating a useable “lid”. Scrape out all seeds & sinew. Then, scrape out enough pumpkin flesh to have:
1/3 Pumpkin
1/3 Onion
1/3 Turnip

Put all Vegs in pot w/ chicken stock & bring just to a boil, then reduce heat & simmer until all vegs are soft. Then, use a blender of food processor to bring the soup to an even consistency. (this may mean blending the soup in stages due to size restrictions of your blender)…Then, put the soup back in the cooking pot – again raising heat to simmer.

***At this point, fill the pumpkin with hot water & set aside. Also make certain your table is set w/ bowls & guests are ready to eat.***

Whisk the heavy cream into the soup…then the butter…salt/pepper to taste…& temperature of soup is hot but NOT boiling.
SHOWTIME! : Pour the water out of the pumpkin, then immediately pour the soup into the pumpkin & put on the “lid”. Carry the pumpkin to the dining table for presentation for your guests. As you ladle out the soup into each bowl, hand grate Romano cheese onto the surface of each, for that special finishing touch. Fresh French bread is a perfect side.

*BEWARE…even the pickiest of eaters in your group of friends/family will beg you to make this seasonal soup every year !

World’s BEST Guacamole

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LePaz Secret {BEST!} Guacamole

8 med. RIPE Avocados
1 Reg. bar (1 lb.) Cream Cheese
6 Green Chiles (Dice from canned/whole chiles)
1 Bunch Fresh Cilantro (leaves/chop)
1 Bunch Fresh Scallions (Chop)
4 Roma Tomatoes (Walls ONLY/no “insides”/Chop-set aside)
4 Cloves Garlic (Minced)
1 tsp. Ground Cumin
1/2 TBSP. Dried Oregano
1/2 TBSP. Dried Thyme
1/2 cup Lime (or lemon) Juice
Salt / Fresh Coarse Ground Pepper – to taste

• Combine all prepped ingredients in a mixer or food processor {EXCEPT TOMATOES, Salt & Pepper} on low>medium speed until blended thru. Taste for your personal preference of salt/pepper add.
• Fold in diced tomatoes with lg spoon or spatula.
• Put guacamole in a NON-METAL container & put in your ‘fridge for 4 hour minimum, to blend flavors. Next day is actually best.
• Serve!…w/ chips, tacos, enchiladas – etc.
• IF you have leftover….It can last up to 6 days or so
> Just add more lime juice on top, seal off air by pressing plastic wrap onto surface & Refrigerate.

Humble 24 pt. Opener…

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Just The (Personal) Facts Maam….

1) EVIDENTLY, Testing concludes my personality is a bit rare. (INTP – , imaginative, relaxed and brilliant. Only about 4% of all people have {my} personality, including 2% of all women and 6% of all men.)

2) I am thankful to have seemingly lived several very different & high profile “lives” within this ONE.

3) I miss the “counter-culture” brother & sisterhood that existed during my youth.

4) I’m at my BEST with either my back against the wall OR in the spotlight.

5) I’m an “all or nothing” kinda guy.

6) I relish a meeting of the minds…& would MUCH rather have a heated discussion with an intelligent person of opposite thinking, than listen to acquaintances prattle on about nothing at all.

7) I LOVE the art of cooking…& the only reason I’ve never been a working chef is that in doing so, I know all the love I put into the careful preparation would diminish or be RUSHED away completely.

8.) New Years Eve is my favorite holiday.

9) About the ONLY things I watch on T.V. these days are: Sports, The History (TLC, etc.) Channel, TMC, CNN & MSNBC

10) When I mention that I enjoy Wine….You know this list is NOT prioritized!

11) I enjoyed a radio broadcasting career, including; My weekly Jazz radio program ( A Jazz Pause with LePaz), Emcee-ing the Peacock Jazz Festival w/ estimated attendance> 12,000 people & being the “News Voice” of KONC, then one of the top ten commercial classical stations in the U.S.

12) I am cursed with my Mother’s family genetic (Look at a donut/gain 10 lbs).

13) *I sometimes hear the whispers*……Hedonist?…Why, YES. Thanks for playing. I’ll begin tutoring on those advanced lessons soon….

14) I enjoy visiting the snow….I highly prefer it does NOT visit me!

15) My favorite number/color/celebrity is….Guess!….oh c’mon…..

16) I have been unusually/highly self reflective lately…& I feel like thats not going away anytime soon

17) I may appear to some as being a “tough guy”, but unashamedly prefer Cats as pets. SO ?!

18) I am the *UPDATE* Engaged, Brother of 3 beautiful younger sisters, Uncle of 7 lovely neices & 1 chip off the old shoulder nephew, as well as Grand Uncle of 3 ………& counting.

19) I love the trend toward HOT Looking / Performance Oriented / Eco-Friendly cars. = Santa, I WANT A TESLA “S” !!!

20) I am seriously in favor of whatever GREEN SHIFT it takes to save our planet for my sister’s > & all the > kids of the world. ………And THAT, my friends isn’t “tree hugging” BS !

21) I’d love to Travel more.

22) The lottery is playing a VERY brutal game of hide & seek with me.

23) I love my west view deck and the wildlife reserve directly behind it.

24) More than ANYTHING… I’m looking forward to the challenge of combining my gifts & business experience with new horizons….

Drop on by…& we can talk about any or all of the above, while we have some nice wine & BBQ on my deck………OR, just leave me a note here on the blog if you like.